Offspring by Jason


Coco Loco's Xaggeration
CC, 1st Prize Beginners Class, Field-trial

NordJunv-06 Mambrinos Fly The Flag - 3 CC's

Precious For Eternity Navigator - 'Navy'

Applejack's Rainbows End - 'Jodie'

Applejack's Command Performance - 'Zack'
Litter brother to our own Jodie.

Readywood Sunshine in Wellingtons - 'Bitchie'
Merits: 1 Beginners Class Field-Trial

SwShCh Guideline's Jam And Fritters - 'Roffe'

Guideline's Welladay - CC & BOS

NorwShCh Eyecatching Working Class Hero - 'Peter'

NorwShCh Eyecatching Working Class Hero - 'Peter'

NorwShCh NordW-06 Eyecatching Womanizer - 'Paul'

Mambrinos Flying High - 'Fly'

Applejack's Chicago Peace - 'Jezzy'


Applejack's Sweet Dark Angel
2 x BOB-Puppy - R-CC - BB-2

Guideline's Wiggety Waggety
2 x BOB-Puppy

SU(U)CH Musical's Woman In Black
2 x BOB-Puppy SSRK - BIS-2 Puppy SKK

Ritou's Skrållan

SwCh Labruzz Pavarotti
2 Open Class F-T

Labruzz Perfect Partner
2 x CC - BOS

Applejack's Lady Sings The Blues
CC - BB-3

Thornbreaker's Wee Bit Of Style

A marvellous litter in Norway out of
NorwShCh Surprising's Christina:

NorwShCh, NW-99 Surprising's Indianna

NorwShCh Surprising's Indianna
Topwinning Labrador bitch in Norway year 2000
9 x CC - BOB - 2 x BIG (NKK) - 2 x BIS (NRK)

NorwShCh Surprising's Isabella

NorwShCh Surprising's Isabella
3 x CC - BOB - BIG - BIS-3 - BIS (NRK)

NorwShCh Surprising's Iben
3 x CC - BOB

NorwShCh Surprising's Ivanhoe

NorwShCh Surprising's Ivanhoe
3 x CC - BOB - BIG-3

Surprising's Ikita

Surprising's Ina

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