Offspring by Tyler


Puppies by Tyler out of GBSHCH Cambremer Call My Bluff
in England. There were 9 puppies in this litter and the two
puppies below was kept.


Cambremer Northlight - 6

Cambremer Stroller - 6

Cambremer Northlight - 4,5

Cambremer Stroller - 4,5


Cambremer Highflyer

u. GBSHCH Cambremer Call My Bluff

Blackfyne Northern Star

by Cambremer Patsy Cline of Lingrave
(littersister to Cambremer Call My Bluff)

Puppies by Tyler out of Thurbajen i England.
Dam of the litter is Thurbajen's No Excuse Needed.

New photos of the two English girls

Thurbajen Doodle Delight

Thurbajen Whoops A Daisy


Thurbajen Whoops A Daisy
winning Special Junior Bitch.
BEST PUPPY Cruft's 2006

Thurbajen Whoops A Daisy
- 4

Thurbajen Doodle Delight
winning Special Puppy Bitch
at Cruft's 2006.

Thurbajen Doodle Delight
- 4

Thurbajen Sir Oliver - 4 months

Hips Scores:

Thurbajen Doodle Delight YB (5:4)
Thurbajen Whoops A Daisy YB (4:4)
Thurbajen Sir Oliver YD (7:6)
Thurbajen Moonrise YB (4:4)

Yxnaholma's Opúntia in Sweden is the dam of Tyler's
first born black puppies. The litter consisted of
4 males and 4 females - all black.



Tyler's puppies out of our own
SwShCh Labrador Vom Bedhard Golden Song.



 Tyler's first litter was born at Kennel Double Barrel's
in Sweden. The dam is Double Barrel's Modesty Blaze.



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